Patrick S. Jones, Managing Director

I was born and raised in Rapid City, SD and have always considered the Black Hills area to be my home.

I proudly attended high school at Rapid City Central and graduated from there in May 1980.

In May 1985 I graduated from Black Hills State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in K-12 Music Education with a minor in Political Science. My first career consisted of being a public school music teacher in New Underwood, SD and the Lead-Deadwood School Districts for a total of 16 years. I also coached junior high/middle school football and basketball for the majority of my teaching years.

In May 2001 I graduated from South Dakota State University with a Master’s Degree in Education and Administration. My administrative career began as an Assistant Principal at Stevens High School in Rapid City for three years then Principal at Rapid City Central High School for four years.  My 17-year administrative career also took me to Lennox, SD as Superintendent of Schools, Alliance, NE as high school principal, Crazy Horse School in Wanblee, SD, Crow Creek Tribal School near Ft. Thompson, and finally to Hoven, SD as their Superintendent and K-12 Principal.

I earned my Doctorate Degree in Administration and Education from the University of South Dakota and graduated in May 2010. This was a very proud moment for me, and I could not have done it without the help and support of my amazing wife Marcy.

My biggest hobby during my teaching and administrative years was sports officiating. I officiated football, basketball, baseball, softball, and volleyball for over 33 years.  Now I focus on making music, activities at our church, cooking and traveling.

I was also fortunate enough to serve one year as a Synod Appointed Lutheran Minister (ELCA) in the charming town of Highmore, SD for one year after I “retired” from education.

My wife and I returned to Rapid City in the spring of 2016 in order for her mother to move in with us as she was gaining in years.  My wife and her siblings met in December 2015 to discuss the very difficult question of, “What do we do with mom?” No one wanted her to be alone in her home in Lead, SD.

My wife was to be her mother’s personal care giver. Everything started just fine as she moved in with us in June 2016. The story takes a tragic turn here, as in August of that very same year her Dementia came on full and she went downhill every day. Watching this once vibrant lady dissolve right before our very eyes became too much for us to handle, so we reached out to the Adult Day Center of the Black Hills as a place for her to go for great care and so my wife could have the break she so desperately needed.

My mother-in-law went into Hospice care the last week of October and passed away the first week of November, all of this in 2016. The only blessing is that it happened quickly as the last few weeks, as many of you reading this already know, were extremely hard on everyone.

My work career continued as I began a job as a counselor at a federal correctional facility here in Rapid City. That lasted three years and I needed a change.

When I saw the position open at the Adult Day Center of the Black Hills I applied immediately and after a very thorough hiring process involving over 30 applicants I was offered the job. I began as the Managing Director on August 12, 2019.

It is an honor to take care of our very special guests and to work with their families and care givers. Having been where they are I can not only relate to their need for our services, but I truly understand that the people we care for have good days, bad days, and all points in between.  It is the goal of the Adult Day Center of the Black Hills to take great care of our guests and support the needs of our caregivers.

Please contact me with any questions you have.  I look forward to assisting you through this process.  Thank you.

Dr. Patrick S. Jones, Managing Director

Adult Day Center of the Black Hills

Billie Jo Lee, Business Manager

Billie Jo Lee was born and raised in Rapid Valley, SD. She graduated from Douglas High School in 2002.

Billie Jo worked at Wendy’s in Rapid City for five years and was an assistant manager. In 2006 Billie Jo’s second daughter was born with HypoPlastic Left Heart Syndrome, causing her to stay at home to take care of her until her most recent surgery. Billie Jo has four children and loves being a mom. Next, she was employed at Fairfield Inn doing several different jobs. She
worked in the laundry, housekeeping, and breakfast areas. Later, she worked in the Watiki concessions and arcade. In 2010 she began working for Action Mechanical as a commercial plumber and transitioned into the office as an office assistant.

Billie Jo earned her CNA certificate in 2015, which she soon discovered was the best thing she ever did for her career. She found out that it was what she was supposed to do with her life. Billie Jo had found her forever job. She began working with a client who attended the Adult Day Center and then transitioned to a nursing home. Billie Jo took care of her during her meals and provided companion care. She was with this client until she recently passed away. Billie Jo currently takes care of two clients in their homes and has been with them for three years. She enjoys helping people and finds it rewarding to be able to assist them to stay in their own

Billie Jo came to the Adult Day Center of the Black Hills in November of 2018. She continues working there as she loves what the center is all about. It is very important to her to keep the elderly at home as long as possible. The Adult Day Center of the Black Hills is the perfect place to be, and Billie Jo is very thankful to be part of the team.

Krista Beckwith, Nurse

Chana Miller, Floor Supervisor

Hello. My name is Chana Miller and I am the Floor Supervisor and member of the Care Team here at the Adult Day Center of the Black Hills. I love working with all of the guests and families that come to our facility!

Before starting my career here at the Adult Day Center of the Black Hills in 2019 I worked as an administrative assistant for five years at Camp Pendleton in California. I have a large family that brightens my life! My busy home life has prepared me to work here and be able to take care of everyone like a pro.

I look forward to this being my last job, my forever job!

Joy Decker, Activities Director

Brian Christianson, Chef

Hello! My name is Brian Christianson. I have been a Black Hills resident all my life.

My love and passion for food started when I was 11 years old. My father, who has worked in Special Education for 35 years, made a life-changing decision to have a Gastric Bypass surgery. I know it changed his life. After that I knew what I wanted to do with my life, not just cooking but providing people with education to go along with what they eat.

When I was 14 I got my first kitchen job at Hardee’s. After a year I started washing dishes at Red Lobster for two years, then decided I wanted more from my job, so I switched to fine dining.

I started working at The Corn Exchange studying under Chef MJ Adams. After it closed I went to Tally’s Silverspoon and studied under Chef Benjamin Klinckle. After four years there I began working at Stonewalls Restaurant under chef Rob Grundikey.

After all these years in the kitchen I felt I was ready for a change. I work various jobs until I discovered I wanted to get back into the kitchen, but this time I decided to focus on Hospitality. This decision changed my life. I finally felt that what I was doing was making a difference.

I cannot explain the feeling I get when I see elderly or special needs people enjoying a hot, nutritious meal. It means the world to me to know that someone’s day has been made better by putting healthy, delicious food in front of them.

After working with Chef Randy Hirch at the Village on Skyline Pines I received the necessary training and education to create menus for people with a wide variety of needs. It is my goal to serve fresh, quality food everyday, to bring a big smile to our guests, and to help our guests live a long, healthy life.

Floor Aides


Ken McGhee, Director of Transportation and Maintenance